Episode 48 – THEME WEEK – Super Heroes

It’s THEME WEEK! This is the first of what we’re sure will be a reoccurring event wherein several geek-Christian podcasts floating about the interwebs get together to talk about a single theme from our various perspectives.

The podcasts in question are:

Are You Just Watching? — http://areyoujustwatching.com
Faith Hope and Nerds — http://faithhopeandnerds.com
Gamestore Prophets — http://gamestoreprophets.com
Geek This! podcast — http://geekthispodcast.com
Geekually Yoked –– http://geekuallyyoked.com
Holy Worlds Podcast — http://holyworlds.posterous.com
The Sci-Fi Christian — http://thescifichristian.com
Storymen — http://storymen.us
Strangers and Aliens — http://strangersandaliens.com

In our particular episode – we talk about how heroes can be boring if they’re TOO super, why super hero stories fascinate us, and explore the connected imagery of super hero origin stories and coming to faith in Christ. Mike MAY have pointed out similarities to receiving the Holy Spirit upon faith with receiving a Green Lantern Corp ring . . . that’s just the kind of stuff we bring to the table.

Enjoy – and be sure to check out the other podcasts as well.