Bonus Content – Pat Lysaght and Unauthorized

Pat Lysaght and Chara Games are about to unveil a brand new kickstarter for a social deduction game called Unauthorized. A social deduction game set in the underground church. Will you side with the state or the church? Will you change your allegiance? And will you be able to convince the others that they should agree with your decision?

Set to launch around February 7th, we are definitely excited about the potential for this one. You can keep up to date with the kickstarter’s progress by following Chara Games on facebook. You can also hear our previous interview with Pat about Commissioned here.

Bonus Content – Chris Ode and Attacking the Darkness

AtD coverThere have been a handful of times that you can see us approach the short film adaptation of the Chick tract Dark Dungeons from the folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. Hunting down some stories about that adaptation first got us in touch with Chris Ode. This edition of Bonus Content is a new interview with Chris about their newest video project currently on kickstarter – Attacking the Darkness. Check it out, support it if you can, and get ready to laugh at ourselves.

Bonus Content – Tom Anders & Impact Miniatures

impact logoDaniel and Jeff got to sit down with Tom Anders to talk about Impact Miniatures, Blood Bowl, and more. It’s a really interesting discussion about the process of making that game happen and about the business of making miniatures and custom dice, as well as just talking about favorite and recommended games.

Bonus Content – That Dragon, Cancer

drag66Folks — I don’t know what to say. I played That Dragon, Cancer , got done about 20 minutes ago, and about 3 minutes after it was done, I recorded a thing.

The short version: this game is amazing
Slightly longer: If you’ve ever lost somebody to cancer, if you have any appreciation for immersive storytelling that makes you feel the pain and joy of another person, or if you just want to have a good cry that doesn’t let go of you for a while until you’ve felt the sort of beautiful sadness that lets you feel like  a better person after its gone … you need to try this game.

You can get it on Steam or directly from the developers

Bonus Content – A Game for Good Christians

GFGC coverFor our American listeners – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Whether you are listening here or from another country – I had a chance to sit down with the guys that designed A Game For Good Christians – a Cards Against Humanity style game with the purpose not just to be terrible people, but to interact with the harder passages of the Bible and wrestle with their place in the greater narrative of Scripture.

Fair warning – there are a couple of times where strong language is used. Because I know that our listeners include families and younger kids – I’ve bleeped them out. The “theology of swearing” that the guys use is actually a big discussion point, so definitely feel free to interact with that, and with them. They shared that they love getting feedback and respond quickly. They’d love to hear from you.

Bonus Content: Tavern Con After-Action Report

_DSC0008Tavern Con was amazing. Got to meet great people, play great games, and bring in some much needed support to help InnRoads Ministries do the work we feel that God is calling us to.

If you were at the event, thank you for helping make it such a huge success, whether you were a guest or one of our volunteers!

This is a short bit of bonus content – so giving highlights will basically give away the whole thing, but here are some appropriate links based on what I talk about:
Go visit Jason Tagmire’s site – Button Shy Games

Get our limited edition T-shirt! (available ’til July 29th)

Donate at our site to support the ministry.

Bonus Content – Barbara Ann Blackburn and the Knights of the Dinner Table

kodtwallpaper1280We had the opportunity to sit down with Barbara Ann Blackburn. On top of working with the Kenzer Company on role playing games like Hackmaster and Aces and Eights, Barbara works to help make the Knights of the Dinner Table comics with her husband and creator of the series Jolly Blackburn. KoDT has been a staple of the tabletop RPG community since it started appearing in the pages of Dragon Magazine, filled with characters and stories that could come straight from any gaming group.

Currently, they are putting together a kickstarter project in the hopes of bringing the characters from the comic to life in a web series. You can find that kickstarter here.816d17aa5b184f78ff6f559d94d5aefb_large

If you are unfamiliar with KoDT and its characters, be sure to go to and learn more about the comics behind the project.

Bonus Content – Reflecting on Extra Life



Mike here to throw out a little reflection on the charity event in which we raised just shy of $1400 for The Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey through the Children’s Miracle Network.bonus content – extra life

There’s also a bit of news as we reveal that there will be probably be a contest where you can get Game Store Prophets stickers, as well as a review of a collectible trading card game called Bible Battles on the horizon.

BONUS CONTENT – “Is it still Wednesday?” – a quick hit reaction to GenCon 2013

There will be other places and other episodes that look more at the activity of Mike’s trip to Gencon 2013 . . . but he thought it was important to record his thoughts about the emotional side of his first trip to the event.