Episode 34 – Ghouls, Goblins, and — Aliens?

Mike here, posting episode 34 a day early in light of the imminent arrival of Hurricane (at least I think she’s a hurricane now) Sandy.

In this episode – the guys talk about the nature of Halloween from the perspective of the Christian, the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown game, and whether the church might be following a trend towards playing the Christina life on “easy mode.”

Episode 33 – With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

In this episode we welcome back cohost Luke Navarro.  Having conquered his computer gremlins, Luke is back to talk about his harrowing adventures in the lands of Technology.  The guys also talk about harnessing your geeky passions to create a positive impact for the Kingdom in the lives of people around you.

Some of the people and sites mentioned in this episode:

Episode 32 – The Problem of Evil

In this episode:

Luke is still doing battle with Computer gremlins
Mike and Brett talk about Assassin’s Creed, Dishonored, and Torchlight 2 before discussing their past experiences with exploring what it means to be evil with anti-heroes and villains.

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  •  Child’s Play Charity – the above-mentioned charity providing games and entertainment to hospitals for kids suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses. We highly recommend checking out the testimonials page.