Episode 36 – Nostalgia Time: Come on, Grab Your Friends

Once again, the podcast rolls ever onward as Luke and the family Navarro are traveling hither and yon for Thanksgiving. This week, Mike asks his buddy Chris to step in one more time as the boys talk about Thanksgiving traditions, old cartoons and the nostalgia they invoke, and how the church needs to stop clinging to old days and old ways that aren’t connecting with the people in their communities and start looking to Christ.

If you’re looking for the videos that Mike referenced:
THIS  is the PBS Idea channel episode about nostalgia and why it makes Adventure Time awesome

THIS is part of the episode Mike decreed the saddest episode of Adventure Time ever. It borders on spoilers if you watch Adventure Time, but should be safe for most viewing.

Episode 35 – Getting in the Game: how the Church can be the Church

In this episode – Luke takes the family off to new living arrangements, leading Mike to recruit his friend Chris and his wife Susan to give a new perspective on the guys’ position regarding tabletop role playing games, growing up as pastor’s kids in a geek world, and the promise of a new Star Wars movie as Disney takes the helm at Lucasfilm.