Episode 47 – The Dragon and Mr. Robertson

This episode, Luke reflects on how an anniversary event in EVE Online displays creativity and outside thinking, the guys tackle the footage of Pat Robertson’s off-hand dismissal of Dungeons and Dragons seemingly out of nowhere, and the cryptically titled “Project Awesome” is teased.

Ep. 46 – Sneaking into Columbia

We are back from Spring Break and are talking Girls Gone Gamers. What is the state of girl gamers? Do we want to see better female characters in games? What can the church learn from a comic strip? All this and Luke’s little surprise for Mike on this episode of GSP.

Episode 45 – Easter in Columbia

In this episode the guys are talking about Easter – but before they talk about this most holy of holidays in the Christian calendar, there’s a little bit of buzz about this game you may have heard of called BIOSHOCK : INFINITE! Okay — fanboy squee over now.

Bioshock, International Tabletop Day, and Easter — now that’s what I call a well-rounded episode.