BONUS CONTENT – “Is it still Wednesday?” – a quick hit reaction to GenCon 2013

There will be other places and other episodes that look more at the activity of Mike’s trip to Gencon 2013 . . . but he thought it was important to record his thoughts about the emotional side of his first trip to the event.

Episode 55 – The Devil and the Dunwich Horror

In this episode – while Luke is enjoying Disneyland with his family, Mike asks a familiar guest host back by the name of Chris North. They once again stare into some of the darker sides of geek storytelling to discuss the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. They talk about how the two of them believe that while there is something dark and terrible brewing in Arkham – there is nothing to be feared.

Episode 54 – GenCon and Disney and Game-Day, oh my!

In this episode Mike and Luke talk about the trips they’ll be taking to GenCon Indy and Disney Land respectively. We talk about the use of gaming to introduce people into the church environment, the affect of gaming on the next generation, and explain the meaning of life . . . okay, maybe not that last bit, but the rest definitely gets talked about in this episdoe.