Episode 58 – Shilling for Plaid Hat and Other Things We’re Interested in

This episode is a bit of a grab bag.  With so much news in the geek world with the revelation of the “Steam Box” – GTA V garnering the highest opening sales of literally any previous form of entertainment – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hitting the airwaves – Mike discovering the joys of Android Netrunner – and the “Project Awesome” reveal creeping ever so closer . . . yeah, we’re just going to be throwing stuff at the airwaves and watching to see what sticks.

Be sure to check out some friends of the podcast for their Agents of SHIELD specific podcast called Welcome to Level Seven.

If you wonder what video turned Mike from Netrunner skeptic to a believer – you can find it here. If only all game tutorial videos were this epic.


If you haven’t noticed it yet – We talk a lot about how Plaid Hat Games can do no wrong. Sadly, while Mike has become a full-on fanboy since Gencon, all we can do is point you to the site and check out what they’ve got until those fine, upstanding, devastatingly handsome . . . What’s that Luke? I can’t just use the fact that I post the episodes to continue my plans to get review copies? You’re not fun anymore.
Enjoy guys!

Episode 57 – God Loves the Freaks: Reflections on Gamers, Community, and the Gospel

Luke and Mike sit around and chat about the holding pattern where most of the news has already been shared, the big announcements have been made, and everyone’s just waiting for the craziness that comes with Christmas and/or the new year. The guys talk about Elder Sign, the books they’ve been reading, and the understanding that as good as games are – it’s the people that you play them with that make them beautiful and powerful.

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We mentioned some streams / podcasts we hope to do interviews with in the near future – so check out their stuff to get excited about these future episodes: Rolling Dice and Taking Names and Holly Anne Setola’s stream on Twitch.tv

Episode 56 – Does Jesus Need a Retcon?

When Luke first asked that question, it made everybody stop for second.  In case you’ve never heard the term, the definition of what it means to “retcon” something is to bring about the alteration of previously established facts in the continuity of a fictional work.  While the story of Christ is not fiction – there are times that our perception of Him and what He has done / is doing may stray from the text – let alone from the Son of God Himself.

In this episode we talk about a lot of things. Luke’s trip to Disney World, Mike’s trip to Gencon, the announcement of “Batfleck”  and the new Doctor Who. All of which eventually leads to the question in the title.