Episode 62 — All Along the Inn Road

Greetings to all our wonderful minions!  The day we have been awaiting has finally arrived. What was once only referred to as Project Awesome has been revealed in its true form. InnRoads Ministries. In this episode, Luke and Mike tackle a bunch of gaming stuff you are probably slightly interested in (Hearthstone, the new consoles, Android Netrunner) as well as reveal the new ministry of which Game Store Prophets is only one part.

UntitledIf you’re seeing this on the Game Store Prophets page / iTunes / Stitcher / Etc – check us out at our new home at www.innroadsministries.com

Episode 61 – Out of Darkness and Into the Hobby

If you were new to hobby boardgaming when you started listening to us – or were not even aware that tabletop gaming actually WAS a hobby – you probably looked to certain iconic pieces of entertainment when somebody used the g-word. Thoughts of Clue, Monopoly, Risk, Life, Sorry, Trivial Pursuit, and more were probably quick to jump to mind.

Then you found out that there was more to gaming than just the games you played when you were kids and the power went out – and a whole new world was opened.

In this episode, the guys make comparisons between finding new games that do what those old clunkers did – and BETTER – with growing and discovering new shades to your walk with God.

WARNING This episode contains and Assyrian joke.  Consider yourself warned WARNING

Bonus Content – Reflecting on Extra Life



Mike here to throw out a little reflection on the Extra-life.org charity event in which we raised just shy of $1400 for The Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey through the Children’s Miracle Network.bonus content – extra life

There’s also a bit of news as we reveal that there will be probably be a contest where you can get Game Store Prophets stickers, as well as a review of a collectible trading card game called Bible Battles on the horizon.