Episode 64 – The One Where Mike Talks About Netrunner Again

Android-Netrunner-BannerIt’s the end of the year, and while many of us are gearing up for the wonder that is the holiday season, Mike and Luke are talking about their favorite games of 2013. We promise, only one of the “awards” goes to Android: Netrunner

Also – congratulations to Håvard Hofstad Ruud – winner of our Hearthstone for Christmas contest. Enjoy it, Håvard, especially since they just announced that the open beta is getting delayed.

Bonus Content – Barbara Ann Blackburn and the Knights of the Dinner Table

kodtwallpaper1280We had the opportunity to sit down with Barbara Ann Blackburn. On top of working with the Kenzer Company on role playing games like Hackmaster and Aces and Eights, Barbara works to help make the Knights of the Dinner Table comics with her husband and creator of the series Jolly Blackburn. KoDT has been a staple of the tabletop RPG community since it started appearing in the pages of Dragon Magazine, filled with characters and stories that could come straight from any gaming group.

Currently, they are putting together a kickstarter project in the hopes of bringing the characters from the comic to life in a web series. You can find that kickstarter here.816d17aa5b184f78ff6f559d94d5aefb_large

If you are unfamiliar with KoDT and its characters, be sure to go to http://www.kodtweb.com and learn more about the comics behind the project.

Episode 63 – Gallifrey Stands After 50 Years!

GSP 63 – final Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the DoctorYou knew it was bound to happen. There was no way our dashing duo of all things geek would let something like the Doctor Who 50th anniversary go by without comment!  In this episode, hear Mike and Luke gush like fan boys, as well as discuss their lists of top 5 things you should consider buying for the geek in your life.