Episode 71 – The Joyous Frustration

In this one we update you on the upcoming Tabletop Day fund raiser event, talk about the new games we’ve been playing (in which LUKE is the one talking about Netrunner).

dark dungeonsWe also talk about the Dark Dungeons movie project based on the chick tract of the same name. We discuss the nature of the old argument and hope for the death throws of the war between role players and the Church.


Relevant links!:
–Check out the event page for our April 5th event
–Visit LoveTrue‘s home page to see where your money will be going and how you can help even if you aren’t able to make the event.
–See Jeff’s blog to find out how the story of our Pathfinder Play-by-Post
–Find out more about the Dark Dungeons movie by watching the trailer



Episode 70 – Reflections on the Cave

_DSC0019In this episode, we talk about the continued work of getting InnRoads off the ground. We discuss game experiences like getting trounced by my brother in City of Remnants and Luke’s triumphant return to the World of Warcraft (even if it’s just vanilla).

Afterwards we move on to reflecting on the article I wrote for the InnRoads site about learning to let my geeky self out of the cave I kept him in for so long.



And Luke mentioned I should be sure to post pictures of our table at the Converge conference.  Far be it from me to disappoint.


Episode 69 – Pathfinder, Netrunner, and Fantastical Journies

In this episode, the guys talk about Pathfinder (both in card game and play-by-post forms), Luke forces Mike to nail down some of the REASONS he can’t shut up about Netrunner, and the discussion winds its way to the fact that fantasy was born from men of faith who harnessed myth to explore the nature of God.

If you’d like to read about the happenings in the Absalom in Shadow game – check out our update blog