Episode 86 – I Will be Bread Queen – a report on Extra Life 2014

This post starts out with Luke and myself bantering about Star Realms and Five Tribes, but before long you get to have a listen into what happened during our fund raiser for Extra Life on October the 25th. As of this posting, we have raised just shy of $1000 for the event, but donations are STILL BEING ACCEPTEDPlease consider following THIS LINK to our team’s donation page and giving to help Children’s Specialized Hospital here in New Jersey.

extra life 2014 copyIf you are a part of the Tavern or Game Church City, you saw a post from me sharing that my wife went into the hospital due to an intense bipolar episode. This is a rare but painful reality among those struggling with this diagnosis, and it was hard – but it could have been much worse. Suze was actually out of the hospital and on the road to full recovery enough that she was in attendance at the event (though in another part of the building). We would both like to thank everyone who made the event happen and hope that you will donate to help these kids.

Whether you donate or not, I hope that you’ll enjoy the recordings of this event as they start off filled with excitement and possibility before ending with exhaustion and slurred speech.

Episode 85 – Signal to Noise: A Geekery Grab-Bag

We’re in a post-Gencon, pre-Essen timeframe. Add to that the fact that Luke and I were not even able to get any real play-time in between episodes, and you get yourself a grab bag!

In this one, we talk about the state of tabletop gaming and whether it is just settling in to its growing pains as a hobby before moving on to a collection of odd geek topics including Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, and Civ: Beyond Earth, and Shadows of Mordor.

extra life 2014 copyAs with our last episode, you can find out more information about what the InnRoads Regulars are all about and why we look forward to participating in Extra Life every year on our website. And if you would like to donate to this year’s event, please head over to our team roster – select any or all team members to visit their personal fund raising page and make a donation. All the money goes directly through the folks at Extra Life to our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital – Children’s Specialized Hospital.