Episode 88 – When the Games Aren’t Fun

In this episode we talk about two issues that have popped up when games aren’t fun – one of them negative – the other positive.

In the negative sense, we spend some time talking about the disqualification of the Ticket to Ride world champion because of cheating. Can our competitive nature bring us to the point that we stop enjoying games when we aren’t winning?

In the positive- we talk about the depth of gaming in board games, RPGs, and video games coming out lately. When titles like Freedom: The Underground Railroad, Dog Eat Dog, and This War of Mine challenge what some folks think about gaming – we realize that games don’t always have to be fun, as long as they’re compelling.

Episode 87 – After Action Report

We didn’t do a Halloween episode this year because, well, we were busy recording this one Halloween night. Neither of us had many trick-or-treaters come to our doors, but we came to the campfire with a ton of great stories to tell. This episode is jam packed full of our gaming experiences. From talking about the “older” games coming off the shelf for Extra Life up to the newest of the new with games like Lords of Xidit, Loot Letter, and Machi Koro.

We also take a moment in this episode to remember that the games we play are just games. As much as we love them, and as much as we consider them powerful influences for good in the lives of individuals and the community – they cannot, and should not ever, be placed with higher value than the people that are at the table playing them.


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