Episode 91 – 2015 Kickoff – cast

You may have noticed that this episode appears at a slightly different schedule than our usual podcasts. Partly, this is due to the fact that your illustrious hosts will BOTH be otherwise occupied on the Monday this episode is supposed to go Live, but – also – it just seems fitting that the episode where we lay out some of our hopes for tabletop gaming and the future of InnRoads in the coming year gets posted on the eve of 2015’s arrival.

So, in this episode, we talk about the games we’re excited for, the trends we hope to see more of in the future, and let you guys in on some of the things we hope to see from the InnRoads site in this new year. See you in 2015!

Episode 90 – End of the Year Spectacular

It’s our 2nd annual InnRoads award show for the year 2014. Luke and I picked some of our favorites from the following – after the usual witty banter that is:

Favorite Game Played (does not have to be new this year):
Luke – Saga – Dark Ages
Mike – Doomtown Reloaded

Favorite Game Added to Your Collection: 
Luke – Marvel Dice Masters
Mike – Sheriff of Nottingham

Favorite Game Publisher:
Luke: Asmodee
Mike: Asmodee

Favorite Video Game:
Luke: Shadow of Mordor
Mike: This War of Mine

Favorite Franchise game:
Luke: D&D
Mike: X-Com Imperial Assault

Favorite Game of the Year:
Dead of Winter
Imperial Settlers

Top 5 (x2) – Christmas Wish List

This is 2014’s penultimate episode. Since this the first episode to drop in December, giving you plenty of time to secure gifts for the gamer in your life – we decided we wanted to share with you folks our top 10 (5 from each of the hosts) gaming related gifts we’d love to see under our trees on the 25th.

If you hear us talk about our lists and want to know more – you can check the following (top 5s start at 17:50):

                      Mike’s top 5                                                                    Luke’s top 5
5. The Broken Token LCG box (engraved)                        5. Imperial Settlers
4. Kings of Israel                                                                 4. Cold Express
3. Castles of Mad King Ludwig                                            3. King of New York
2. Hyperborea                                                                      2. Power Grid Deluxe Edition
1. Dead of Winter                                                                 1. Star Wars: Imperial Assault