Episode 94- Crushing Darlings and Bucking Convention

There was only one week between recording the previous episode and this one, so there isn’t much to talk about in the way of personal game play news. However, we DID manage to tear apart Talisman (as well as┬áRelic by proxy) and Seven Wonders. We also talk about the inevitable Gencon housing debacle in spite of attempts to improve the process this year and why conventions are something every gamer should try to get to if they’re able.

Episode 93 – The Gospel According to Exploding Cats

In this episode, we start off with some banter about storming the beaches with dice and the end of the great “Netrunner vs. Doomtown” debate. Then we move on to tackle the absolute steam-roller of a kickstarter that is Exploding Cats and the bile it’s been bringing up from certain parts of the gaming community. Just because hardcore hobby gamers aren’t excited about the “draw a card and hope you don’t explode” concept – do we have a right to bring on the snark with a “this is why we can’t have nice things” response?