Episode 97 – Dazzling You Brain

In this episode we sit back and talk a bit about expansions. While some game expansions just add more content to the games we love without necessarily changing the way it plays, some are quite literally game-changers. We talk about the science of expansions and how adding something new to what may seem old and played out can breath new life into it – and yeah, the same works for the ways in which we come to God.

Episode 96 – Simulated for Your Protection

As we take one step closer to episode 100, we talk about some of the discoveries we’ve made in the gaming world.

Luke talks a couple of games that sound more like hobbies OTHER than boardgaming – Quilt Show and Paperback.

Terrifying-422x375Mike does a follow-up about Kings of Israel after playing it with the rules as they are actually written as opposed to how he thought they were (Sorry again, Funhill Games!) as he explains the value and potential for Tabletop Simulator. All this leading to a discussion on the established “call-out culture” we see on the internet and within the church. Want to know how we get there? You’ll have to listen.

And, as promised, here is the link referenced in this episode to a Christ and Pop Culture article on the nature of getting caught saying something awful on twitter and being called out on it.

Bonus Content – Delving the “Darkest Dungeons” PC Game

250px-VestalFor this one, I called in our friend Peter Martin from Saving the Game to talk about a game both of us have been tearing into lately. Darkest Dungeon is what you get if you throw gothic horror, the art style of Mike Mignola, and an old school dungeon crawler. Not only do you have to worry about the physical dynamic of your party, but their mental state. Both the emotional and physical baggage they carry from delve to delve is key to victory.

logo_mainIn the short version – we both recommend it whole-heartedly. Why would we say that? You’ll have to listen.


Episode 95 – The One With the Good Bible Game

If the title wasn’t a dead give away – this is the episode we finally talk about Kings of Israel with first hand knowledge instead of assumed greatness. The short version? There really isn’t anything¬†bad to report, but there are a few things you’ll need to do to make it great.

Throw in a story of my wife’s odd rendition of Dixit forged from exhaustion, Luke waiting patiently to appease his need for new miniatures, and some hype for the upcoming episode 100 – and there you have it.

By the way – it’s almost here. We want you to be a part of this milestone episode. Four years of podcasting comes to a head in this epic milestone. Send your mp3 files and emails with your thoughts and/or stories of how Game Store Prophets has been a part of your faith and gaming to contact@innroadsministries.com with “Episode 100” in the subject line. You might get mentioned in what will definitely be our best episode yet.