Episode 108 – Another Brick in the Temple

We tried to cram a bunch of info and game discussion into this episode – so don’t mind me if I just break this down point-by-point

  • InnRoads Plays: Victoriana is coming! Having wrapped up our D&D 5e demonstration series, we’re moving on to show you Cubicle 7’s Victoriana. We just recorded session 0 where we talk about characters and start world building – so look forward to seeing those!
  • In “games we played” news – Jeff talks about Kingdom Builder and ALMOST getting into a game of Go, while I talk about my wife’s new favorite game – Viceroy.
  • Looking to the future, Jeff mentioned a game whose kickstarter only has HOURS remaining as I post this called Lobotomy ( as well as point out Christ & Pop Culture’s article about how a Christian can read the Cthulhu mythos here) and I talk about the news that Plaid Hat has opened pre-orders for their new miniatures combat game set int he Mice & Mystics universe called Tail Feathers.
    • InnRoads has officially been recognized as an “affiliated ministry” of my home church in Warren, NJ – Stonecrest Community Church! Looking forward to partnering with more churches and seeing this relationship grow!
    • Extra Life is coming NOVEMBER 7th! This will be InnRoads Ministries’ third year supporting Children’s Specialized Hospital. We are looking for team members and supporters to help us reach our $1500 team goal. For info about the event, as well as sign up information on our Extra Life team page and a link to get your very own InnRoads Regulars Team Shirt (campaign runs through September 15th, all proceeds from campaign go directly to support our Extra Life team), you can go to our news section
    • We have not one, but TWO contests running!
      • Listen to Gamerstable’s Shadowrun Actual Play when it goes live and email me at contact@innroadsministries.com – subject line should read “I heard you on Gamerstable” and the body should list the name of the character I played, as well as where the characters ran into him.
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Episode 107 – Persist and Survive the Great War

_DSC0215When we talked about what we wanted to talk about this episode, the goal was to give more of a complete rundown of the games I brought back from Gen Con now that I’ve taken . What ended up happening was a discussion about 2 games I brought back (Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and The Grizzled), Jeff talked about his experience with Marvel Legendary, and I talked about finding hope in the midst of pain in the story of a family that I got to meet at this year’s event.

If you want to to help the folks at Geekdom House reach their goal and put together a well-crafted, fully published experience (and be able to pay their artists/writers who put their hard work to make this happen whether they would be or not) called Area of Effect, check out their Kickstarter!

If you want to be part of our Extra Life team, you can find our team page HERE. There you can sign up to join the team and start raising funds, donate to any of our current team members, or just share the page to people you know who might want to help us help this hospital help kids.

This is Gen Con – Episode 1: Reflections on the Con

_DSC0007It’s that time again – a time for me to report on everything that I got and experienced at Gen Con 2015. In this first episode, I talk about the games I brought back from the event, the people that I met, and the general reasons I keep going back year after year.

You’ll hear about all the games pictures to the left, as well as hear from Isaac Vega, Jerry Hawthorne, Stephen Buonocore, T.R. Knight, Sam Healey and more.

Episode 106 – Titanic Downfalls

In this episode Jeff goes solo and brings a few new games to the table.  The game of the week for him was Lords of Waterdeep, but he also delved into the ether and brought back a few offerings from GenCon and Kickstarter.

First off, Attack on Titan gets a 2016 release, but more importantly it has a presence at GenCon!  Then there’s the Ghostbusters Board Game due out this fall. Can Cryptozoic knock it out of the park with two at-bats?

Lastly, Jeff brings up an interesting Story Game called Downfall: A Game About the End. Find out what happens when the focus of the game is to crush a civilization!  Check out Downfall a promising indie game by Caroline Hobbs.