Episode 116 – 2015’s End of The Year Awards Special

It’s that time of year again. The time where every podcast, blog, and youtuber across the internet takes to their feed with a list of what they think are the best – or at least their favorite – things of the year. Well, GSP is not one to be left out in the cold – so we present to you our end of the year special. We’ve added a couple options this year as Jeff and some of the Regulars suggested new categories. So here are our selections:

Best Game Played (does not have to be new this year)
Jeff – Dead of Winter
Mike – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Best Game added to the collection (does not have to be new this year)
Jeff – Sushi Go
Mike – Castles of Burgundy

Favorite Game Publisher:
Jeff – Plaid Hat Games
Mike – Cool Mini or Not

Favorite Franchise Game:
Jeff – Thunderbirds
Mike – Star Wars Armada

Hidden Gem:
Jeff – Shakespeare
Mike – The Grizzled

Favorite Game Resource
Jeff – Raging Swan
Mike – The Ninth World Guidebook

Favorite Game industry/game Media personality
Jeff – Creighton Broadhurst
Mike – Sam Healey & Dan King

Favorite Video Game
Jeff – Undertale
Mike – Blood Bowl 2

Favorite Game of the Year
Jeff – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Mike – Blood Rage

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Episode 115 – Empathy Codified

We start up the episode talking about Jeff’s experience with the Mouse Guard RPG, followed by me talking about introducing my wife to the interplanetary deck builder that is Eminent Domain. However, the bulk of this episode is us talking about the effect of playing Ludicreations’ 2 player game called “…And Then We Held Hands.”

ATWHHThis is a game that forces you not only to consider the game’s goal, but the place of the other player at all times as you are pursuing it. It is a game played in silence that has the potential to say more about healthy communication than anything else I’ve seen that tries to. This game is available in a free print and play form over on Board Game Geek if you want to try it out. If you do, and you take the time to think through what is happening as you move pieces around the rings, I’m pretty confident you’ll pick up the produced version of the board game.

Also, remember that we have now unveiled our Board Game Geek Guild for the InnRoads Ministries community. Feel free to join up over there for a place to talk about GSP, the MacGuffin Factory, our InnRoads Plays videos, and everything else that we’ve been working on.

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