Episode 140 – A New Kind of Church Experience

In this episode, the boys are back together again. We start talking role playing games like East Texas University, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, and Reflections before moving on to games that have been recently featured as part of the Sunday Morning Experiment – Nevermore and Operation FAUST.

That leads us into talking about the growth and development of the Sunday Morning Experiment, and talking about the idea of what we can do to try and think differently about the ways we do church while still maintaining a connection to the traditions, beauty, and power of a traditional church service experience.

Episode 139 – Building Bridges Instead of Battering Rams

In this episode – we wade through a wall of awful to get a shortened solo episode.

We talk Jeff’s stream with the Ladies of the Round Table, a new stream of Storm King’s Thunder on our Facebook page, Extra Life, and the life and death of Jack Chick in relation to the need to speak from a place of humble connection instead of ignorant correction.