Episode 149 – Losing Well

In this episode, we talk about some games that our friend and InnRoads site contributor T.R. Knight sent Daniel, talk about Universal Rule from Chip Beauvais and the folks at Button Shy Games, briefly touch on the upcoming Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn War Within event and upcoming expansion plans, and an RPG kickstarter with plenty of time left if you’d like to back it called Noir World – a game based on the Apocalypse World system.

We also use a story from Daniel’s game night about kids cheating at One Night Ultimate Werewolf to talk about the concept of learning how to lose well. Winning doesn’t teach us anything – it’s just executing what you already know. Losing is how we learn and develop new skills/strategies.

Episode 148 – Under a Rising Sun

Yup. We’re going to talk about it. The biggest thing to hit board gaming Kickstarter since we all went crazy over the Kingdom Death: Monster numbers … We’re talking about Rising Sun. However, we launch from Rising Sun to talk about what draws us to games, and how the best thing we can do to stem the tide of people leaving the church en masse is to forget assumptions of what the church is supposed to look like, and authentically reveal God working in a busted up, yet still hopeful life.

If you want to check out the Rising Sun Kickstarter – you can find that here. (and apparently the wish lists of all three of your hosts).