Bonus Content – Geoff Engelstein

The board gaming community is great for a number of reasons. One of them is that all sorts of people that are big names in the industry are often also incredibly approachable and kind. So when I discovered that Geoff Engelstein, designer of games like Space Cadets, Fog of War, and Dragon & Flagon to name just a few, lived within a short drive of me, I knew I had to get him on the show. After a criminally over-long stretch of time, I finally got that interview scheduled and recorded to share with you folks.

In this episode of bonus content – we talk about the board game community, game design, and some of Geoff’s upcoming titles.

Hope Is Important

We’d like to congratulate the Fishers on the birth of their newest little gamer, but that means that Daniel is too busy on daddy-duty to come out and record with us. He did, however, jump on to the beginning of the episode to remind us about his contest to give away a set of dice of the winner’s choice. Get your entries in by April 30th for your chance to win.

That said, Jeff and I are still going strong talking about exchanging games that don’t make it to table to get excited about new stuff, Onirim coming out in app form, and talking about our upcoming game of The Sprawl leads to a discussion of dystopia and the transformative nature of hope.

Episode 150 – Changing Our Methodology

In this, sadly Romo-less episode, Daniel talks about how his daughter and her crew are just two cool to play something mainstream like D&D 5e. We spill a thousand thank yous for the person who made it so that Daniel and I will both be getting our grubby hands on Rising Sun in 2018, and I talk about how playing the Lanterns digital board game app with Suze made me question my approach to gaming from trying to get her so excited about games that she’ll up and become a gamer in her own right, to figuring out why she’s playing and enjoy my time with her.