Episode 153 – The Natural

Daniel has a “Come to Jesus” meeting where he admits that he played Phase 10 and Uno and doesn’t like the Dark Souls Video game, and I talk about the games I somehow managed to squeeze into a very busy week. We also talk Dark Souls (the board game), Paperback, Patchwork, and finally getting to try Seafall! Talking about piratey goodness, we then move into talking about The No Preaching Rule and how you don’t need manufactured talking points about a subject you’re passionate about. It’ll just happen.

There’s still a little time left if you are interested in coming to hear me speak at GameChurch’s Academy East. And more than enough time to plan on coming out to our annual fundraiser called Tavern Con the following weekend.

Episode 152 – A Completely Different Page

Daniel and I start off this episode talking about International Tabletop Day – bringing up his son’s first board game purchase, my opportunity to get a new game to table, and some of what made ITTD great this year. As such, a facebook post with a number of confused comments from other gamers that didn’t even know that International Tabletop Day was a thing reminded us that you can’t just assume that everyone is on the same page.

We reference a couple things in this episode:
The Kotaku article featuring the folks at the Bodhana Group.
Our bonus content interview episode with Geoff Engelstein