Episode 164 – InnRoads Approved Some More Stuff

In this episode – Daniel takes on his first shot to dive into games past and bring out some gems in the archive dive. He surfaces with two dice-related games (I know, surprise surprise) – Machi Koro, and Luchador, and even throws in a bit of his family history as an added bonus.

We also go about the business of announcing not just one, but two new titles that have received our InnRoadsĀ Approved seal – our nod to games with biblical and/or church history related themes that are fun and interesting to play regardless of a person’s faith statement or biblical literacy. It’s harder to find those than you’d think.

We’re proud to announce that Unauthorized from Chara Games and Indulgence from Restoration Games have been added to the list. We haven’t talked to anybody at Restoration Games yet, but you can find an interview with Pat Lysaght from Chara Games from when Unauthorized first hit Kickstarter here.

Episode 163 – Uncle Jeff and the Archive Dive

The start of this episode finds me introducing our first and only official segment here at GSP. We’re calling it the Archive Dive – an opportunity for us to highlight titles that are over a year old. We hope that it’ll remind folks that, while the new shiny is often pretty downright amazing, there’s good stuff already sitting on your shelf that has fallen off your radar.

To christen this new segment – I’ve got three for you. Seasons (released 2012), CastlesĀ of Burgundy (released 2011), and Citadels (2000). If you want to see the article I reference about Seasons – you can find it here.

The bulk of the episode, though, is dedicated to an update about what Jeff has been doing while off mics. We’ve been telling you that he’s been dealing with family related stuff- but that the story wasn’t ours to tell. It’s his – and he’s going to share it with you.