Episode 41 – Passing it Down

Similar to our nostalgia episode, but more like a flip side of the coin.

In this episode, the guys don’t talk about things that were childhood memories that turned out to be truly horrible when viewed as adults, but instead focus on the things they love and adore. They are the things that have reached timeless excellence, and must be shared with future generations. Plus – there’s a reference to Cowboys of Moo Mesa . . . so yeah.

2 thoughts on “Episode 41 – Passing it Down

  1. I am apart of a house church and one of the things we have experimented with is the idea of sharing the Gospel as a story. The epic nature of the story of God is what draws geeks to God. One girl in our church wants to be a missionary to Japan and share the story of God. She isn’t a geek but I gave her The Lord of the Rings extended editions ans she ate them up. She told me it is the story that grabbed her. The story of God is key of David (3:7) for the heart of the geek.

  2. …high adventure that’s beyond compare…

    My favorite episode so far, you finally mentioned Werewolf: the Apocalypse… AND Robotech!
    Robotech was my introduction to geekdom. As a freshman in high school, a guy who hung out with the same group that I did, but wasn’t yet my friend, sat behind me in study hall and asked if I wanted to “roll up a character”. (whatever that meant)
    Twenty three years later and that character’s name “Rhoetus” is what my wife calls me in Walmart so that the twenty percent of guys in my town named “Mike” don’t all answer her.
    It was a proud day when my 14 year old son sat and watched the Robotech cartoons with me. Maybe he didn’t love them quite as much as I did/do but he did like it.

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