Episode 66 – Raising a Flag for the FLGS

In this episode, the guys have a moment of mourning for Luke’s friendly local gaming store. As we reflect on the nature of fellowship and community that requires the brick and mortar world of the FLGS, we talk about the nature of fellowship and the need for it at a level far deeper than a church potluck or Sunday morning service.

One thought on “Episode 66 – Raising a Flag for the FLGS

  1. Hi guys! I’m going back and relistening to episodes I’ve forgotten (or missed the first time around), hence the reason for my comment over a year after this episode went up. 🙂

    My FLGS is AMAZING. It is a thriving business that hosts events every night of the week. There is an entire room dedicated to hosted events with something like 20 tables available. It has been an incredible resource to me since I got into gaming. I do my best to make my purchases from the store rather than the internet even if it means I can purchase fewer things and less often. I encourage everyone to find a local store and support it as much as possible – this is a community we don’t want to lose.

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