Episode 96 – Simulated for Your Protection

As we take one step closer to episode 100, we talk about some of the discoveries we’ve made in the gaming world.

Luke talks a couple of games that sound more like hobbies OTHER than boardgaming – Quilt Show and Paperback.

Terrifying-422x375Mike does a follow-up about Kings of Israel after playing it with the rules as they are actually written as opposed to how he thought they were (Sorry again, Funhill Games!) as he explains the value and potential for Tabletop Simulator. All this leading to a discussion on the established “call-out culture” we see on the internet and within the church. Want to know how we get there? You’ll have to listen.

And, as promised, here is the link referenced in this episode to a Christ and Pop Culture article on the nature of getting caught saying something awful on twitter and being called out on it.

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