Episode 133 – Scythe, Shots, Shut Downs, Sun, STEAM, and Serve

It’s post Gen Con life for many of us, so this episode’s title explains it all. I get jealous that Daniel brought home a copy of Scythe, we talk about Gen Can’t gaming and the Summer of One Shots, mourn the upcoming loss of weekly Gamerstable, postulate about the Invisible Sun RPG kickstarting the same day you may be listening to the episode, InnRoads showing up on Ladies of the Round Table to talk about games and STEM, and the importance of serving first – doing everything else second.

The kickstarter for Invisible Sun is but hours away, so to whet your whistle, I’ll point you to the mirror on the wall that wasn’t there a minute ago.

If you’re looking to see me on LORT, you can find me in their archive here.


2 thoughts on “Episode 133 – Scythe, Shots, Shut Downs, Sun, STEAM, and Serve

  1. Daniel, thanks for the shout out. My family and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with you. We look forward to future visits.

    For me, Gen Con was all about relationship building. Yeah, I did some shopping and trading as well, but I spent the majority of my time enjoying the show with my wife and daughters, working a booth meeting people, meeting with publishers, meeting with fellow freelancers, having meals with friends, celebrating at the ENnies, and spending evenings gaming with friends and family in our hotel. This was my best Gen Con yet!

  2. My boyfriend is a Christian and has been to many, MANY Christian-hosted events through the years, and you’re right that he was absolutely shocked that there wasn’t a time at TavernCon when the gaming stopped and a message was shared. The other friends who joined us are not Christian, but are familiar with Christian events, and they too were very surprised that they weren’t “preached at” during the event. And because of that, they’ll definitely be back. 🙂

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