Hope Is Important

We’d like to congratulate the Fishers on the birth of their newest little gamer, but that means that Daniel is too busy on daddy-duty to come out and record with us. He did, however, jump on to the beginning of the episode to remind us about his contest to give away a set of dice of the winner’s choice. Get your entries in by April 30th for your chance to win.

That said, Jeff and I are still going strong talking about exchanging games that don’t make it to table to get excited about new stuff, Onirim coming out in app form, and talking about our upcoming game of The Sprawl leads to a discussion of dystopia and the transformative nature of hope.

Episode 150 – Changing Our Methodology

In this, sadly Romo-less episode, Daniel talks about how his daughter and her crew are just two cool to play something mainstream like D&D 5e. We spill a thousand thank yous for the person who made it so that Daniel and I will both be getting our grubby hands on Rising Sun in 2018, and I talk about how playing the Lanterns digital board game app with Suze made me question my approach to gaming from trying to get her so excited about games that she’ll up and become a gamer in her own right, to figuring out why she’s playing and enjoy my time with her.

Episode 149 – Losing Well

In this episode, we talk about some games that our friend and InnRoads site contributor T.R. Knight sent Daniel, talk about Universal Rule from Chip Beauvais and the folks at Button Shy Games, briefly touch on the upcoming Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn War Within event and upcoming expansion plans, and an RPG kickstarter with plenty of time left if you’d like to back it called Noir World – a game based on the Apocalypse World system.

We also use a story from Daniel’s game night about kids cheating at One Night Ultimate Werewolf to talk about the concept of learning how to lose well. Winning doesn’t teach us anything – it’s just executing what you already know. Losing is how we learn and develop new skills/strategies.

Episode 148 – Under a Rising Sun

Yup. We’re going to talk about it. The biggest thing to hit board gaming Kickstarter since we all went crazy over the Kingdom Death: Monster numbers … We’re talking about Rising Sun. However, we launch from Rising Sun to talk about what draws us to games, and how the best thing we can do to stem the tide of people leaving the church en masse is to forget assumptions of what the church is supposed to look like, and authentically reveal God working in a busted up, yet still hopeful life.

If you want to check out the Rising Sun Kickstarter – you can find that here. (and apparently the wish lists of all three of your hosts).

Episode 147 – Dreamation, Elation, and the Invitation

In this episode, Daniel and I talk about how Phase 10 made his kids cry. We talk about the InnRoads team’s trip to Dreamation in Morristown, NJ – including Smirk & Dagger’s upcoming games, talk to folks from Civic Games about how they’re trying to get people to think about how we live and work together in the world expressed through gaming, and a few reasons why I think Barker’s Row is a must pick up when it shows up on kickstarter on March 28th.

We also talk about the value of invitation – allowing others to initiate the conversation rather than searching for the right way to inject it ourselves.

Episode 146 – A New Horizon

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about some of the many things coming up on the horizon for InnRoads, from a local convention, communal world building for a new set of games, and a new podcast that’ll be part biblical wandering devotional – part discussion about all those thoughts on the intersection of faith and gaming that don’t work in an article for the site.

And be sure to check out Chara Games‘ new kickstarter for Unauthorized. They’ve already funded and are looking to hit some stretch goals to make the game extra pretty.

Episode 145 – This is gonna take some work

In this new episode, Daniel shares about how playing D&D with his daughter and her friends showed he’s raising a “murder hobo,” how there are some games that we want so badly – but don’t get to the table because we don’t think anyone will play them with us, and how the surest way to disciple starts from immersion and pushes outward.


Bonus Content – Pat Lysaght and Unauthorized

Pat Lysaght and Chara Games are about to unveil a brand new kickstarter for a social deduction game called Unauthorized. A social deduction game set in the underground church. Will you side with the state or the church? Will you change your allegiance? And will you be able to convince the others that they should agree with your decision?

Set to launch around February 7th, we are definitely excited about the potential for this one. You can keep up to date with the kickstarter’s progress by following Chara Games on facebook. You can also hear our previous interview with Pat about Commissioned here.

Episode 144 – The Kleenex of RPGs

We are still short a Romo in episode 144, but Daniel and start talking about trying to talk about running his daughter’s role playing game for her and her friends. That lead to a discussion on the concept that D&D is the “kleenex of RPGs” – where it’s a specific game that has come to be used as a general description for all gaming. Finally rounding the corner to how searching for nuance within the pursuit of unity is crucial for growth.

Episode 143 – Heading into 2017

While Jeff is out enjoying some family time, Daniel and I sat down to talk about how 2016 went for us and what we hope to see in 2017.

I’d explain that more – but pretty much it’s standard podcasting fare for this time of year, so I’ll just tell you “Happy New Year!” and hope you enjoy the show!