Episode 160 – The Intern & the Mechanical Gospel

Many of our usual hosts are off dealing with other things at the moment, so I asked our new intern Jonathan Campoverde to come on the podcast to tell our wonderful listeners a little bit about himself.

In this episode, we talk about some of the announcements blowing open the doors of Gen Con (Restoration Games announcing Fireball Island, Plaid Hat announcing Stuffed fables, and – of course – FFG’s announcement of Star Wars: Legion), talk about our wonderful intern and what he hopes to see in this next year with us, and discuss the church’s perception of what constitutes ministry and the way we go about sharing the Gospel.

He’s gonna fit in just fine.

Episode 147 – Dreamation, Elation, and the Invitation

In this episode, Daniel and I talk about how Phase 10 made his kids cry. We talk about the InnRoads team’s trip to Dreamation in Morristown, NJ – including Smirk & Dagger’s upcoming games, talk to folks from Civic Games about how they’re trying to get people to think about how we live and work together in the world expressed through gaming, and a few reasons why I think Barker’s Row is a must pick up when it shows up on kickstarter on March 28th.

We also talk about the value of invitation – allowing others to initiate the conversation rather than searching for the right way to inject it ourselves.

Episode 120 – A Triumphant Return to the Wide World

As the title of this episode suggests, this episode Mike has stepped back to the mics after his journeys through the lands of Administration. He kicks off with stories of bear related games (Nyet! and Samurai Spirit) before the rest of the guys get going, as well as an update about the state of the Tavern Con 2016 prize pool with donations from Chara Games, Funhill Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and more.

We also talk about the concept of the moral will of God and the global will of God – the understanding of doing right and being good in our own little box in our own little way versus the desire to step into the wide world and make connections with people from all walks of life.

Episode 67 — Better Late than Never … to Be Kind

WARNING – In this episode we mention an issue that recently stirred up a whole hornets’ nest of rage and bile on both sides of the table. If you hear what we have to say, and want to comment. We just ask two things of you first:

1) We at GSP adhere to Wheaton’s Law. Follow it.
2) Listen to the whole episode before you look to comment.

If you still want to ask us about why or how we come to our conclusions, then feel free to comment or email us at mike@innroadsministires and luke@innroadsministries. Thanks


There wasn’t a whole lot of exciting gaming news either personally or corporately that we could talk of, so in this episode, we can FINALLY sit down to talk about the Doctor Who Christmas special that said good by to Mike’s favorite Doctor, Matt Smith. We also discuss the nature of fandom. We can twist something so beautiful as a passion for a piece media, a game, or whatever – and turn it into a means to separate, isolate, and degrade others for not doing it in the manner we believe to be correct.

Be sure to check out this blog post from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary to see what Mike got so excited about. If you do, tell her we say hi. She’s a very talented blogger.