Bonus Content – Katie Shotyk & Extra Life

EL2015 shirt copyThis episode of Bonus Content give us a chance to take a call from Katie Shotyk, one of our InnRoads Regulars Team for this year’s Extra Life event. Katie got a chance to go and visit the folks at Children’s Specialized Hospital – which has been our sponsored hospital for the past three years.

This year’s event will be happening November 7th at 8am through November 8th at 8am. If you have any questions or would like more info, please email me at

At the time of this recording, there are 10 members of the InnRoads Regulars team, and we have raised just about 55% of our total fund raising goal of $1500. If you would like to join the team, there is still plenty of time to sign up, but even if you can’t play along with us here in NJ or wherever you are, you can help us by going to our TEAM PAGE , click on the “Roster” tab, and donate to one or more of our team members as they attempt to reach both their individual fund raising goals as well as pushing on to that $1500. We want to give a family a week’s worth of care cost free, and you can help by donating to any member of our team.


Episode 109 – The Tenuous Balance of Cooperation

1901516_695034160571985_2086804880_nInnRoads Ministries has added its first volunteers staff member. His name is Daniel Fisher, and we are very excited to have him team up with us and be about the business of playing games as ministry as we bring people together to build relationships. Daniel jumpst on this episode with us to talk about his time at Dragon*Con this year as one of the leaders at the GameChurch booth and share a bit of his dice obsession with us.

We also talk InnRoads Plays: Victoriana, Gloomhaven, and how easy it is to take some games and mechanisms designed to bring people together and turn them into divisive wedges between them.


EL2015 shirt copyRemember to sign up for this year’s Extra Life Team! We’re looking to raise $1500 for Children’s Specialized Hospital. We will only be able to do this if we have a bunch of people playing with us either at our local event here in New Jersey or with gamers near you. Check out our team page and sign up to join the team and start gathering donations as we support this great hospital for the 3rd year!

Whether you are going to be playing on the team or not – you can support us by ordering an InnRoads Regulars Extra Life 2015 Team shirt! 100% of the money we receive for this campaign goes to helps us meet our fund raising goal. The LAST DAY TO ORDER is September 14th. After that, you MIGHT be able to request a new print run of shirts to be made, but there’s no promise – so be sure to order yours today!

You also only have a couple days left from this episode going live to enter for our InnRoads Hates Zombies contest and win a copy of I Hate Zombies – a party game of survival. Details in the episode and on our site

Episode 108 – Another Brick in the Temple

We tried to cram a bunch of info and game discussion into this episode – so don’t mind me if I just break this down point-by-point

  • InnRoads Plays: Victoriana is coming! Having wrapped up our D&D 5e demonstration series, we’re moving on to show you Cubicle 7’s Victoriana. We just recorded session 0 where we talk about characters and start world building – so look forward to seeing those!
  • In “games we played” news – Jeff talks about Kingdom Builder and ALMOST getting into a game of Go, while I talk about my wife’s new favorite game – Viceroy.
  • Looking to the future, Jeff mentioned a game whose kickstarter only has HOURS remaining as I post this called Lobotomy ( as well as point out Christ & Pop Culture’s article about how a Christian can read the Cthulhu mythos here) and I talk about the news that Plaid Hat has opened pre-orders for their new miniatures combat game set int he Mice & Mystics universe called Tail Feathers.
    • InnRoads has officially been recognized as an “affiliated ministry” of my home church in Warren, NJ – Stonecrest Community Church! Looking forward to partnering with more churches and seeing this relationship grow!
    • Extra Life is coming NOVEMBER 7th! This will be InnRoads Ministries’ third year supporting Children’s Specialized Hospital. We are looking for team members and supporters to help us reach our $1500 team goal. For info about the event, as well as sign up information on our Extra Life team page and a link to get your very own InnRoads Regulars Team Shirt (campaign runs through September 15th, all proceeds from campaign go directly to support our Extra Life team), you can go to our news section
    • We have not one, but TWO contests running!
      • Listen to Gamerstable’s Shadowrun Actual Play when it goes live and email me at – subject line should read “I heard you on Gamerstable” and the body should list the name of the character I played, as well as where the characters ran into him.
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