Episode 160 – The Intern & the Mechanical Gospel

Many of our usual hosts are off dealing with other things at the moment, so I asked our new intern Jonathan Campoverde to come on the podcast to tell our wonderful listeners a little bit about himself.

In this episode, we talk about some of the announcements blowing open the doors of Gen Con (Restoration Games announcing Fireball Island, Plaid Hat announcing Stuffed fables, and – of course – FFG’s announcement of Star Wars: Legion), talk about our wonderful intern and what he hopes to see in this next year with us, and discuss the church’s perception of what constitutes ministry and the way we go about sharing the Gospel.

He’s gonna fit in just fine.

Episode 159 – Gen Con Game Goodness

We start out briefly talking about Daniel’s latest raffle and our participation in #GenCant – before getting into the meat of our discussion. Following part 1, we bring you our 2nd pre-Gen Con podcast featuring the games we are most excited about at this year’s event. You can also find more suggestions on my two different Gen Con previews at the InnRoads site.

Here are our lists:

Episode 158 – The Gen Con Experience

This first installment of two Gen Con focused episodes of GSP. In this episode, we talk about the overall experience of Gen Con and while we think it’s worth going. We talk about the experiences we’ve had, the feeling of being among the people, and the overall excitement of being involved in the USA’s largest gaming convention.

In the next episode, we’ll be tackling the games that are being released at this year’s event and what has our attention

If you want to read the previous article I mention in this episode, you can find it here.

Episode 133 – Scythe, Shots, Shut Downs, Sun, STEAM, and Serve

It’s post Gen Con life for many of us, so this episode’s title explains it all. I get jealous that Daniel brought home a copy of Scythe, we talk about Gen Can’t gaming and the Summer of One Shots, mourn the upcoming loss of weekly Gamerstable, postulate about the Invisible Sun RPG kickstarting the same day you may be listening to the episode, InnRoads showing up on Ladies of the Round Table to talk about games and STEM, and the importance of serving first – doing everything else second.

The kickstarter for Invisible Sun is but hours away, so to whet your whistle, I’ll point you to the mirror on the wall that wasn’t there a minute ago.

If you’re looking to see me on LORT, you can find me in their archive here.


Episode 127 – We Got What We Always Wanted – And Ruined it.

GSP 127 is flying Mike-less, as I had to step out to take care of some family business. However, Jeff and Daniel tucked in and made GSP happen on schedule for all of you. They talk about telling stories with Rory’s Story Cubes and Dungeon World, talk about a bit of digital craziness like Pokemon Go, and address the horde of geeks going on forums complaining about how women never getting into the hobby … only to then rise up to complain because over half the featured guest list for Gen Con this year were women. This is why we can’t have nice things, people.

Episode 107 – Persist and Survive the Great War

_DSC0215When we talked about what we wanted to talk about this episode, the goal was to give more of a complete rundown of the games I brought back from Gen Con now that I’ve taken . What ended up happening was a discussion about 2 games I brought back (Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and The Grizzled), Jeff talked about his experience with Marvel Legendary, and I talked about finding hope in the midst of pain in the story of a family that I got to meet at this year’s event.

If you want to to help the folks at Geekdom House reach their goal and put together a well-crafted, fully published experience (and be able to pay their artists/writers who put their hard work to make this happen whether they would be or not) called Area of Effect, check out their Kickstarter!

If you want to be part of our Extra Life team, you can find our team page HERE. There you can sign up to join the team and start raising funds, donate to any of our current team members, or just share the page to people you know who might want to help us help this hospital help kids.

This is Gen Con – Episode 1: Reflections on the Con

_DSC0007It’s that time again – a time for me to report on everything that I got and experienced at Gen Con 2015. In this first episode, I talk about the games I brought back from the event, the people that I met, and the general reasons I keep going back year after year.

You’ll hear about all the games pictures to the left, as well as hear from Isaac Vega, Jerry Hawthorne, Stephen Buonocore, T.R. Knight, Sam Healey and more.