Episode 171 – Gaming as a Social Contract

Getting it Right (or semi-right) from Design to Table

Daniel, Jeff and T.R. discuss what it means to bring a game to the table. How deeply does (or should) game designers and players consider what goes into a game and when (or if) it actually makes an appearance?  Anything ranging from historical accuracy to social contracts come into play as we range across the cardboard battlefields of gaming to find out!

Games Discussed


Episode 170 – Down, Down to Tolkien Town

The Influence Goes Ever On…

In this episode, Jeff, Daniel and guest wise-man T.R. Knight gather in the Green Dragon to discuss their love of Tolkien. Like so many fans, it’s influenced art, music, literature and (of course) gaming. Join us as we cover some of the highlights that have shaped our lives in and out of gaming.  And for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following links to all things Tolkien!!

Role Playing Games

Board Games

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“Down, Down to Goblin Town” from the Original Soundtrack of The Hobbit (1977) animated by Rankin/Bass. Musc by Maury Laws