Episode 169 – Locally Sourced Plans

Locally Sourced, From Brain to Table

On this episode of Game Store Prophets, the group is sans el presidente, but have gathered some new hotness in the form of a guest host. As the triumvirate forms, can they hold it together long enough to put some plans together for 2018?  Find out as we discuss things and stuff and more things!

  1. GaryCon
  2. Fantasy Flight Games – Genesys
  3. Modiphius Games – John Carter of Mars RPG Kickstarter
  4. Spelljammer (link to Nerdarchy)
  5. FFG – Star Wars (not Star Trek) The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition
  6. GenCon
  7. Kolossal Games – Western Legends Kickstarter
  8. Sine Nomine Publishing – Stars Without Number RPG
  9. Making Meaningful Resolutions

Find more about our guest host, T.R. Knight and his proclivity for touching way too many RPG books, go here!

Episode 106 – Titanic Downfalls

In this episode Jeff goes solo and brings a few new games to the table.  The game of the week for him was Lords of Waterdeep, but he also delved into the ether and brought back a few offerings from GenCon and Kickstarter.

First off, Attack on Titan gets a 2016 release, but more importantly it has a presence at GenCon!  Then there’s the Ghostbusters Board Game due out this fall. Can Cryptozoic knock it out of the park with two at-bats?

Lastly, Jeff brings up an interesting Story Game called Downfall: A Game About the End. Find out what happens when the focus of the game is to crush a civilization!  Check out Downfall a promising indie game by Caroline Hobbs.

Episode 65 – Looking Into the New Year

In this episode Mike and Luke look into the future . . . Nah, not like that. As the new year dawns, the guys talk about what they are hoping to see happen personally as well as for the ministry. Everything from putting together play-by-post Pathfinder games to welcoming the guys at Saving the Game into the network.