Episode 130 – You Are Not Alone

As usual, we start off talking about games we’ve played over the past couple weeks and about some brief updates, but this episode has us revealing some stuff about ourselves on the mics.

Inspired by folks at Saving the Game and Fear the Boot getting episodes out there that talk about long-standing emotional wounds and mental health, as well as spending some time hanging out with the folks from the Bodhana Group, we got together to talk about some of the ways gaming has helped us work through our own personal struggles as well as those endured by people we love.

If you find yourself in a place where you feel alone, hurt, and that no one cares about you – be sure to talk to somebody about it. We’re not professional counselors in any way, but we’ve all served in ministry and have either directly or indirectly been in the place you are. Know that you are seen, you are known, and you are loved – by the guys on these mics and especially by God. We will get through this together.

Link round up:
You can find my write up about the Button Shy Board Game of the Month club HERE
You can find the episode of Saving the Game I mention HERE
And you can find the 2 part episode of Fear the Boot discussing mental health and gaming at the following: Part 1 , Part 2

Wherein Mike Talks With Folks About Monsters

We love working with other podcasters. It’s why we were ecstatic when the guys from Saving the Game wanted to add their feed to our site, why we had Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names on the show, and why we participated in what was then called the Podcast Initiative’s theme week. CNheader The Initiative has since come together on one site called the Crossover Nexus, where you can find a growing list of links to great podcasts about faith and geek culture. You will also find a particular podcast feed with monthly panel discussions where a collection of podcast hosts get together to talk about various geeky topics. Mike participated in the most recent episode where the topic was “Monsters.” Be sure to check out the Crossover Nexus and watch for posts about future episodes here and on the Game Store Prophets twitter page.

Episode 65 – Looking Into the New Year

In this episode Mike and Luke look into the future . . . Nah, not like that. As the new year dawns, the guys talk about what they are hoping to see happen personally as well as for the ministry. Everything from putting together play-by-post Pathfinder games to welcoming the guys at Saving the Game into the network.