Episode 133 – Scythe, Shots, Shut Downs, Sun, STEAM, and Serve

It’s post Gen Con life for many of us, so this episode’s title explains it all. I get jealous that Daniel brought home a copy of Scythe, we talk about Gen Can’t gaming and the Summer of One Shots, mourn the upcoming loss of weekly Gamerstable, postulate about the Invisible Sun RPG kickstarting the same day you may be listening to the episode, InnRoads showing up on Ladies of the Round Table to talk about games and STEM, and the importance of serving first – doing everything else second.

The kickstarter for Invisible Sun is but hours away, so to whet your whistle, I’ll point you to the mirror on the wall that wasn’t there a minute ago.

If you’re looking to see me on LORT, you can find me in their archive here.


Episode 132 – Gen Con 2016 Preview

Whether you’re like Daniel and gearing up to leave for Indianapolis in a couple days to enjoy Gen Con’s wonders, or you’re like Jeff and myself planning to stay in our pajamas flashing GenCan’t badges, you’ve probably been watching news and reviews of the releases going on at the event.

Enjoy our blitz preview as we run through the games that have caught our eye, the games you should check out if you’re going to be there, and be ready to mock us if you listen to this podcast later and find out the hype was way off of the titles we’re loving.

Link round up:
Jeff’s Dungeon World intro/wrap up
Mike’s Initial Gen Con Game write-up
The BGG Geeklist of Gen Con Releases

Episode 131 – Fifth Year Anniversary LIVE SHOW!

We bantered and tackled audience questions from those in attendance for our live broadcast via our youtube channel. If you wanted to be there but couldn’t make it happen, we now present the audio portion for your listening pleasure. To give you the closest thing to the live experience, there has only been slight editing to make it a little easier to listen to, but otherwise I left it all in. Enjoy, and thanks for listening and keeping us coming back to the mics for the past five years!

Episode 130 – You Are Not Alone

As usual, we start off talking about games we’ve played over the past couple weeks and about some brief updates, but this episode has us revealing some stuff about ourselves on the mics.

Inspired by folks at Saving the Game and Fear the Boot getting episodes out there that talk about long-standing emotional wounds and mental health, as well as spending some time hanging out with the folks from the Bodhana Group, we got together to talk about some of the ways gaming has helped us work through our own personal struggles as well as those endured by people we love.

If you find yourself in a place where you feel alone, hurt, and that no one cares about you – be sure to talk to somebody about it. We’re not professional counselors in any way, but we’ve all served in ministry and have either directly or indirectly been in the place you are. Know that you are seen, you are known, and you are loved – by the guys on these mics and especially by God. We will get through this together.

Link round up:
You can find my write up about the Button Shy Board Game of the Month club HERE
You can find the episode of Saving the Game I mention HERE
And you can find the 2 part episode of Fear the Boot discussing mental health and gaming at the following: Part 1 , Part 2

Episode 129 – Tonal Shift

This episode starts off with us having a lot of fun. There’s a Tavern Con 2016 report, we talk about playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf with kids, Arctic Scavengers, and shenanigans in the Tavern. Oh, and we also talk about this video…

…Then the tone dropped.

Guys we talk about the tragedy that happened recently. There have been some folks using tags and search terms about that tragedy in an attempt to just up their click count. I have no desire to do that – so you can just listen to the episode, hear what we have to say, and join us in mourning with those who mourn and doing what we can to impact those around us with the powerful love of God.

Bonus Content – Chris Ode and Attacking the Darkness

AtD coverThere have been a handful of times that you can see us approach the short film adaptation of the Chick tract Dark Dungeons from the folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. Hunting down some stories about that adaptation first got us in touch with Chris Ode. This edition of Bonus Content is a new interview with Chris about their newest video project currently on kickstarter – Attacking the Darkness. Check it out, support it if you can, and get ready to laugh at ourselves.

Episode 128 – Servant Leadership & the GM

In this episode we talk about the possibilities found in the growing number of virtual tabletop programs, my first couple plays of Boss Monster, playing Blood Rage with my minis all painted up, and I share a story about how my local Numenera group MacGyvered defeating three bosses, and how the best GM, and the best leaders in many contexts as well, often disappear as they empower and feature those they are trying to lead.

Tavern Con 2016 is less than 2 weeks away! If you are going to be in the central NJ area on June 18th, we’d love to see you there. If not, there are plenty of other ways you can support the ministry.

At the end there I mention a couple places you can find your intrepid hosts. You can find me featured on The Arcade, the community podcast of GameChurch City. You can also find Jeff playing guest GM over at the Invictus stream (NOTE: Invictus is not as family friendly as our channel, so parental discretion is advised).

Episode 127 – We Got What We Always Wanted – And Ruined it.

GSP 127 is flying Mike-less, as I had to step out to take care of some family business. However, Jeff and Daniel tucked in and made GSP happen on schedule for all of you. They talk about telling stories with Rory’s Story Cubes and Dungeon World, talk about a bit of digital craziness like Pokemon Go, and address the horde of geeks going on forums complaining about how women never getting into the hobby … only to then rise up to complain because over half the featured guest list for Gen Con this year were women. This is why we can’t have nice things, people.

Episode 126: Am I an NPC?

In this episode we talk about playing Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia after a THREE YEAR wait, some new RPGs Daniel found on kickstarter that are story driven, and how we may always feel like the story is centered around us – but we might actually just be an NPC in someone else’s narrative.

We mention the SuperPLEX kickstarter campaign by the folks at Button Shy Games, and you can check that out HERE:

You can also find the video explaining all the moving parts of Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia far better than I could in my brief summation HERE:

Episode 125 – Trust and the Kickstarter Feast

Kickstarter-logoEpisode 125 has us talking about a veritable mountain of possible kickstarter wonderfulness that is either about to go live or is currently running. As we are talking about kickstarter projects, we also talk about the nature of trust and figuring out what makes someone trustworthy.

Here are the kickstarters that we talk about in the episode:
-Savage World Rifts (this project goes live the 26th, but you can find news about it here )
The Game Canopy
Unknown Armies 3rd edition
Dark Souls Board Game
Ghost Busters the Board Game 2
The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
-This War of Mine the Board Game (kickstarter has not launched yet. Preview here )