Episode 44 – Interview with the Geekpreacher!

We told you it was coming – and now it has arrived. Episode 44, the boys sit down with Derek White, aka The Geekpreacher. They talk about gaming, comic books, the impact of these things on faith, and what it was like to meet Gary Gygax.

Check out Derek and what he’s up to over at his website and his facebook page. Show him some love and tell him we sent you.

Episode 43 – GSP Corp, Uncle Monty’s Road Show, and Living Outside of Normal

In this episode, the guys talk about what’s new in the geek world, being less than impressed with the PS4 announcement, Luke’s foray into the E.V.E online experience and a trip down memory lane to talk about a W.o.W. guild that was less about dungeon delving as it was about putting on the greatest show on Azeroth.

Always remember, Listeners – Normal is boring. God called us to go way beyond normal.