Episode 53 – Get Out of the Box

In this week’s episode – the guys confront the summer movie blockbusters, the Ouya, the steam trading card phenomenon and the idea of using your faith and collecting it.  Go out today and find some way to demonstrate your faith. We weren’t made to be mint-in-box and neither was our faith. It was designed to be played with. Used. And then past down to the next generation that will hopefully play with it as well.

We’re all weird.  It’s okay.  Christ is weird too.

BONUS CONTENT – Steam Summer Sale 2013

This is the first of what may or may not be a running thing with us.  Because this major event for PC gamers happened right smack in between our regular episode schedule – we figured we’d give you guys a little bonus content.  A short episode where Luke and Mike discuss the Steam Summer Sale, titles they are paying attention to, and a few pro-tips for guiding your way through the 11 days of steam sale.

Episode 52 — Two years of this stuff? Nice.

Two years ago a couple guys thought it would be fun to put together a podcast.  It started from humble beginnings where two generically geeky guys talk about generically geeky stuff from a Christian perspective.  It has evolved into a podcast where the same two guys are looking to create a new sort of ministry with the help of a listening community that is second to none.

Thanks for listening, everybody.  Luke and I really appreciate the fact that you keep coming back. Without you guys, this podcast would have ended long ago.  You continue to make it worthwhile to come back and make more content for you.  We look forward to many more years of this.  –Mike