Episode 60 – The Obligatory Halloween Edition

The boys talk about their recent bouts of gaming, as well as their plans for Halloween. Naturally, we talk about what games are great for those Halloween game nights, and discuss the nature of Halloween for those who claim Christ (which we may have already done in the past – but I site the title of this episode in response to any and all comments)

Episode 59 – Our Interview with Hollyanne Setola (hollyannes1337)


Hollyanne Setola is scoring headshots in all day for the glory of God — in Call of Duty, or Battlefield, or World of Warcraft, or . . . well you get the idea.

Hollyanne is a streamer on Twitch.tv who has made a name for herself on the site in a short time, though her gaming resume stretches back for years before then. I’d go on into her multitude of responsibilities and accomplishments, but I’ll just let you listen to the episode to find out what she’s up to.  Be sure to follow her and watch her stream when she’s online. Let’s help her get those 400 viewers she’s looking for!

Hollyanne’s links:
Twitch.tv – http://www.twitch.tv/hollyannes1337
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/hollyannesetola
      Twitter – http://twitter.com/hollyannes1337