Episode 73 – Do You Play the Game, or Does the Game Play You?

This episode the tabletop news and stories are pretty slim. A series of unfortunate events kept us from the gaming tables. There were fortunate ones too – but I’m sure you’ll agree that any event that takes you away from the table is at least partly unfortunate.

Instead, we banter about video games like Civ 5, Smite, and Hearthstone for a while until that gives way to a discussion about our Pathfinder Play-by-post, Absalom in Shadow, and Luke drops the mic with some philosophical complexity that may make your brain hurt.

Post Tabletop Day Exhaustion

We’ve been buys. Between an insane amount of average gaming activity on Luke’s side and all the glorius fun of putting together our tabletop day event, you can even hear it in our voices. However, we recap our gaming experiences as of late, I give a full report on this year’s event, and give my first ¬†impressions of the game Freedom: The Underground Railroad after being contacted by the game’s designer.

Whether it’s International Tabletop Day, or just a regular run of the mill tournament at your FLGS, get out there and get involved with the gaming community and watch how it can do wonderful things in the life of another person.