Wherein Mike Talks With Folks About Monsters

We love working with other podcasters. It’s why we were ecstatic when the guys from Saving the Game wanted to add their feed to our site, why we had Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names on the show, and why we participated in what was then called the Podcast Initiative’s theme week. CNheader The Initiative has since come together on one site called the Crossover Nexus, where you can find a growing list of links to great podcasts about faith and geek culture. You will also find a particular podcast feed with monthly panel discussions where a collection of podcast hosts get together to talk about various geeky topics. Mike participated in the most recent episode where the topic was “Monsters.” Be sure to check out the Crossover Nexus and watch for posts about future episodes here and on the Game Store Prophets twitter page.

Episode 77 – Of COURSE I’m Not a Werewolf …

In this episode the guys talking about bluffing games. Is it ok to play games that encourage you to blatantly lie to the people you’re playing with (including your own teammates)? If it is, what do we learn about ourselves by playing games that turn us against each other?

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Episode 76 – The Overwhelming Pressure of Being

In this episode, we give you a feast of gaming stories across tabletop, rpg, and con gaming. Luke builds on the Kublacon update, I talk about playing games with folks from church, and then we talk about the ever present announcement that D&D will be available for free!

And, as per my Future Mike Intrusion, here is a link where  you can get your hands on Honor & Intrigue if you’re interested in the