The InnRoad to Gencon – Episode 2: Sunday’s Coming

derekHere is a recording of the Sunday service at Gencon. Derek brought a message about how the kingdom of God is bigger on the inside. May we all remember that everyone is a freak or a geek to somebody, and they are no less welcome into the kingdom than the rest of us.

The InnRoad to Gencon – Episode 1: The Question and the Con

Episode one that will be a two (possibly three) episode series talking about Gencon from the dealer hall floor.

Episode 1 features a brief overview of what I got to see at this year’s event. It also has some of my favorite recordings in response to my “question of the con.” We talked with people across a number of faith traditions and those who claim no faith at all – but the same themes kept appearing regardless of who we talked to.

Episode 80 – We Are Missionaries

In this episode, Luke shares about a new experience he had with a Monopoly variant, we talk about a game that can only be described as chaos in a box, and I blather on about GenCon because I’m pretty much in a stupor getting ready for this year’s con and can pretty much talk of nothing else.

We also talk about the process of teaching games to those who don’t know how to play and the striking resemblance that has to the work of sharing faith that grows.