Episode 105 – Quest Accepted

In this episode – we talk about the games played at Tavern Con. We talk Spyfall, Sushi Go, and Stone Age, as well as giving some recommendations for those who may be traveling and want to bring games with a light learning curve that isn’t language dependent.

We also talk about the place and purpose of “mission” in the context of gaming. We continue to be excited for what we have on the horizon for InnRoads Ministries. If you’d like to partner with us, we are now able to accept recurring donations. These donations, no matter how small, help us to be able to define budgets and take steps to create more events, travel to more places, and dedicate¬†more time and resources to the work itself.

Bonus Content: Tavern Con After-Action Report

_DSC0008Tavern Con was amazing. Got to meet great people, play great games, and bring in some much needed support to help InnRoads Ministries do the work we feel that God is calling us to.

If you were at the event, thank you for helping make it such a huge success, whether you were a guest or one of our volunteers!

This is a short bit of bonus content – so giving highlights will basically give away the whole thing, but here are some appropriate links based on what I talk about:
Go visit Jason Tagmire’s site –¬†Button Shy Games

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Donate at our site to support the ministry.

Episode 104 – Tavern Con and God’s Provision

We get an update on Jeff’s trip to the woods, talk about some epic kickstarters, and share a bit of what we have planned for Tavern Con. In our discussion of our first fund raiser, we share about our own struggles trusting in God’s provision for our day to day.

If you were thinking about coming to Tavern Con, we hope to see you this weekend. If you can’t come, we’d love it if you would pray for the event and its success that we can build on for years to come. You can also support the ministry of InnRoads by sending us a donation wherever you are through the innRoads site.