Episode 121 – You Can’t Slap Jesus on It

Most of your hosts were sick as a dog when this was recorded, but we still had a fun time getting together around the mics. In this episode we talk about games like Animal Upon Animal, PIG, and Tragedy Looper.

As far as our theological topic of the episode – well, I could tell you about it, but I’ll give you this out-of-context quote and let you experience it for yourself:

“You can’t just slap Jesus on this and hope that it’ll be effective, because it won’t be. If it’s coming from a place of authenticity and truth, and ‘This is what’s REALLY going on in my life’ – then that makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between a Queen’s Gambit and Ewoks Save the Trees.”

On a side note: I mention about potentially having Future Mike stop in to give an update about the Phoenixville Game day. After waking up early, spending 4 hours on the road split at the front and back of a 7 hour game day — every Mike in the multiverse is tired as I post this. The short version is that it was a very successful event and the church is planning more game days to come. I’ll talk about it in the next episode.

Episode 120 – A Triumphant Return to the Wide World

As the title of this episode suggests, this episode Mike has stepped back to the mics after his journeys through the lands of Administration. He kicks off with stories of bear related games (Nyet! and Samurai Spirit) before the rest of the guys get going, as well as an update about the state of the Tavern Con 2016 prize pool with donations from Chara Games, Funhill Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and more.

We also talk about the concept of the moral will of God and the global will of God – the understanding of doing right and being good in our own little box in our own little way versus the desire to step into the wide world and make connections with people from all walks of life.

Episode 119 – Gazing into 2016

In the final episode before Mike gets back to work on the mics, Jeff and Daniel are back to discuss the games announced for 2016 that they are most excited abut, D&D’s new model, and the ability that games have to teach us about one another.