GSP 123 – All the News That’s Fit to Chat About

Sadly, Jeff could not be with us for this episode, but that doesn’t mean Daniel and I didn’t have a lot to talk about. With the announcement of the Golden Geek Award Winners and videos/blogs coming out of the GAMA Trade Show, we decided we’d share with you guys what we thought about the announcements we’ve been hearing. We also get a report on Daniel’s first game day.

Also – don’t expect to hear Daniel close the show again. You’ll see why.

Bonus Content – Tom Anders & Impact Miniatures

impact logoDaniel and Jeff got to sit down with Tom Anders to talk about Impact Miniatures, Blood Bowl, and more. It’s a really interesting discussion about the process of making that game happen and about the business of making miniatures and custom dice, as well as just talking about favorite and recommended games.

Episode 122 – So You Want to Run a Gaming Ministry?

In episode 122, I finally get a chance to talk about going out to play with the wonderful people at First Presbyterian Church of Phoenixville. Between talking about that, and Daniel talking about his upcoming game day that will start a monthly ongoing group, we spend this episode talking about things you need to consider if you want to pursue gaming ministry.

IMG_20160304_203408We also have a brief update about Tavern Con 2016! We’d like to thank the folks at Monte Cook Games for donating one of their Reliquary box sets for someone to win at the event. Everything you need to play or run your own Numenera campaign and WAY more. I’m officially jealous of anyone who wins this!

LogoWe also announce that we’ll have Jack Berkenstock from  The Bodhana Group joining us this year. Not only will he and his crew be able to tell you about the therapeutic work that they do with games – but he mentioned something about a LIVE ACTION version of Go Goblin Go that I’m excited to see.