Episode 129 – Tonal Shift

This episode starts off with us having a lot of fun. There’s a Tavern Con 2016 report, we talk about playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf with kids, Arctic Scavengers, and shenanigans in the Tavern. Oh, and we also talk about this video…

…Then the tone dropped.

Guys we talk about the tragedy that happened recently. There have been some folks using tags and search terms about that tragedy in an attempt to just up their click count. I have no desire to do that – so you can just listen to the episode, hear what we have to say, and join us in mourning with those who mourn and doing what we can to impact those around us with the powerful love of God.

Bonus Content – Chris Ode and Attacking the Darkness

AtD coverThere have been a handful of times that you can see us approach the short film adaptation of the Chick tract Dark Dungeons from the folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. Hunting down some stories about that adaptation first got us in touch with Chris Ode. This edition of Bonus Content is a new interview with Chris about their newest video project currently on kickstarter – Attacking the Darkness. Check it out, support it if you can, and get ready to laugh at ourselves.

Episode 128 – Servant Leadership & the GM

In this episode we talk about the possibilities found in the growing number of virtual tabletop programs, my first couple plays of Boss Monster, playing Blood Rage with my minis all painted up, and I share a story about how my local Numenera group MacGyvered defeating three bosses, and how the best GM, and the best leaders in many contexts as well, often disappear as they empower and feature those they are trying to lead.

Tavern Con 2016 is less than 2 weeks away! If you are going to be in the central NJ area on June 18th, we’d love to see you there. If not, there are plenty of other ways you can support the ministry.

At the end there I mention a couple places you can find your intrepid hosts. You can find me featured on The Arcade, the community podcast of GameChurch City. You can also find Jeff playing guest GM over at the Invictus stream (NOTE: Invictus is not as family friendly as our channel, so parental discretion is advised).