Episode 147 – Dreamation, Elation, and the Invitation

In this episode, Daniel and I talk about how Phase 10 made his kids cry. We talk about the InnRoads team’s trip to Dreamation in Morristown, NJ – including Smirk & Dagger’s upcoming games, talk to folks from Civic Games about how they’re trying to get people to think about how we live and work together in the world expressed through gaming, and a few reasons why I think Barker’s Row is a must pick up when it shows up on kickstarterĀ on March 28th.

We also talk about the value of invitation – allowing others to initiate the conversation rather than searching for the right way to inject it ourselves.

Episode 146 – A New Horizon

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about some of the many things coming up on the horizon for InnRoads, from a local convention, communal world building for a new set of games, and a new podcast that’ll be part biblical wandering devotional – part discussion about all those thoughts on the intersection of faith and gaming that don’t work in an article for the site.

And be sure to check out Chara Games‘ new kickstarter for Unauthorized. They’ve already funded and are looking to hit some stretch goals to make the game extra pretty.