Episode 106 – Titanic Downfalls

In this episode Jeff goes solo and brings a few new games to the table.  The game of the week for him was Lords of Waterdeep, but he also delved into the ether and brought back a few offerings from GenCon and Kickstarter.

First off, Attack on Titan gets a 2016 release, but more importantly it has a presence at GenCon!  Then there’s the Ghostbusters Board Game due out this fall. Can Cryptozoic knock it out of the park with two at-bats?

Lastly, Jeff brings up an interesting Story Game called Downfall: A Game About the End. Find out what happens when the focus of the game is to crush a civilization!  Check out Downfall a promising indie game by Caroline Hobbs.

Episode 77 – Of COURSE I’m Not a Werewolf …

In this episode the guys talking about bluffing games. Is it ok to play games that encourage you to blatantly lie to the people you’re playing with (including your own teammates)? If it is, what do we learn about ourselves by playing games that turn us against each other?

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Episode 63 – Gallifrey Stands After 50 Years!

GSP 63 – final Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the DoctorYou knew it was bound to happen. There was no way our dashing duo of all things geek would let something like the Doctor Who 50th anniversary go by without comment!  In this episode, hear Mike and Luke gush like fan boys, as well as discuss their lists of top 5 things you should consider buying for the geek in your life.