Bonus Content – Pat Lysaght and Unauthorized

Pat Lysaght and Chara Games are about to unveil a brand new kickstarter for a social deduction game called Unauthorized. A social deduction game set in the underground church. Will you side with the state or the church? Will you change your allegiance? And will you be able to convince the others that they should agree with your decision?

Set to launch around February 7th, we are definitely excited about the potential for this one. You can keep up to date with the kickstarter’s progress by following Chara Games on facebook. You can also hear our previous interview with Pat about Commissioned here.

Episode 144 – The Kleenex of RPGs

We are still short a Romo in episode 144, but Daniel and start talking about trying to talk about running his daughter’s role playing game for her and her friends. That lead to a discussion on the concept that D&D is the “kleenex of RPGs” – where it’s a specific game that has come to be used as a general description for all gaming. Finally rounding the corner to how searching for nuance within the pursuit of unity is crucial for growth.

Episode 143 – Heading into 2017

While Jeff is out enjoying some family time, Daniel and I sat down to talk about how 2016 went for us and what we hope to see in 2017.

I’d explain that more – but pretty much it’s standard podcasting fare for this time of year, so I’ll just tell you “Happy New Year!” and hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 142 – 2016 GSP Awards

At the end of each year, the guys of Game Store Prophets take a moment to look back and highlight some of our favorites from the year. We highlight games, people, and companies that we think you should definitely look into next year if you weren’t able to get around to them in 2016.

Doesn’t need to be new, but a game that gave us the best single play experience in 2016
Mike- Dragon & Flagon
Jeff- Fury of Dracula
Daniel- Scythe

Doesn’t need to be new – but our favorite game added to our game libraries in 2016
Mike- Reflections
Jeff- Star Wars Armada
Daniel- Machi Koro

Publishers who went above and beyond the call this year with consistantly great titles
Mike- Stronghold Games
Jeff- Fantasy Flight Games
Daniel- Z-Man Games

A game that continues on an established franchise and/or best utilizes a popular IP
Mike- Mansions of Madness (2nd edition)
Jeff- Mouseguard (2nd edition)
Daniel- Bloodbowl

A title the flew under the radar for a while, but really impressed us after we got it.
Mike- Saloon Tycoon
Jeff- Inside (video game)
Daniel- Ta-Da!

Something that made our gaming experience better in 2016
Mike- Volo’s Guide to Monsters
Jeff- The Burning Wheel system & resources

People making games or gaming content that did something noteworthy this year.
Mike- The Flip the Table hosts (congrats on 100 episodes!)
Jeff- The Mad Adventurers Society
Daniel- Wil Wheaton

A quick hop over the fence to the digital side of gaming
Mike- That Dragon, Cancer
Jeff- Titanfall 2
Daniel- Minecraft

The best of the best
Mike- Scythe
Jeff- Apocalypse World (2nd edition)
Daniel- Scythe


Episode 141 – It’s Your Fault (Top 10s of 2016)

At the end of 2015, I was asked to create a series of videos where I described my favorite games in my collection. As 2016 came to a close, I asked the folks in The Tavern if they wanted me to do a similar list for this year as well, and how they’d want me to go about that if I did. The Regulars community spoke – and they said they wanted a special episode of GSP where all three of your hosts shared their top 10 favorites. And we delivered just that.

Here’s the list. Listen to the full episode for our explanations of how and why we ranked them this way.


Episode 140 – A New Kind of Church Experience

In this episode, the boys are back together again. We start talking role playing games like East Texas University, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, and Reflections before moving on to games that have been recently featured as part of the Sunday Morning Experiment – Nevermore and Operation FAUST.

That leads us into talking about the growth and development of the Sunday Morning Experiment, and talking about the idea of what we can do to try and think differently about the ways we do church while still maintaining a connection to the traditions, beauty, and power of a traditional church service experience.

Episode 139 – Building Bridges Instead of Battering Rams

In this episode – we wade through a wall of awful to get a shortened solo episode.

We talk Jeff’s stream with the Ladies of the Round Table, a new stream of Storm King’s Thunder on our Facebook page, Extra Life, and the life and death of Jack Chick in relation to the need to speak from a place of humble connection instead of ignorant correction.

Episode 138 – We Stand With Wundergeek

In a stunning turn of events, we actually have all three of your hosts on for this episode of the podcast. There was neither technical nor biological hazard getting in the way as we talk about various fantasy sportsball games (Blood Bowl and Guild Ball), talk about an interesting experiment in doing church differently, and then have some things to say about an issue that came across our twitter feeds that made us get eighteen kinds of furious.

It’s one thing to push a boundary and encouraging¬†people to ‘get over themselves’ – but when there are people being actively harassed and pushed out of the gaming community just for saying that their representation in the hobby is pigeonholed and even slightly sexist, there’s something horribly wrong with that. You may have seen your hosts put it out on twitter already, but in case you didn’t – GSP stands with Wundergeek and everyone out there trying to make our games better and more available to everybody.

Your link round up for this episode:
Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way song from The Hobbit.
-8-bit Theater doing The Dead Alewives’ infamous D&D skit
-Be sure to watch the Ladies of the Round Table Twitch channel this Friday to see Jeff play a special Halloween episode of D&D with them.
-Be sure to join/support the InnRoads Regulars Extra Life team as we play for the kids on Nov. 5th. This year’s team goal is $2000, so stop by the team page and help us reach that goal!

Episode 137 – Comfort Zones

So I think it’s rather fitting that an episode I missed out on due to health issues, leaving Jeff and Daniel to fend for themselves, is an episode of stepping outside of what’s comfortable … because we open with over the top radio announcer voices and fried food recipes.

Here’s your link round up of all the stuff that’s fit to click:
If you’re in the Harrisburg, PA area this upcoming weekend, check out Save Against Fear!
If in South Jersey – visit Shawn at the InnRoads table at SJ Geekfest later this month.
We’re playing in Extra Life again this year to support Children’s Specialized Hospital. You can either join the team or support our players on our team page!

Episode 136 – The Dignity of Listening to Their Stories

10931314_10153107041949610_3507401325325210031_nThis episode almost didn’t happen. A technical issue totally friend the audio for one of your hosts, causing the entirety of the initial recording we did for this episode to go into the trash. What was the worst part was that this wasn’t discovered until right before editing and posting the podcast on schedule. In spite of all this, we were able to get something recorded and present a special guest appearance on the podcast.

We asked Jeffrey Allers about the ministry he has in Berlin, Germany, where, among other things, he is ministering to the Syrian refugees in his city. After a brief update on games I’ve been playing and what’s going on in the news, this episode is focused on hearing how games provide dignity and minister to those who are refugees.

Link round up:
The BGG thread that first connected us to Jeffrey
The InnRoads Regulars Extra Life team page
Onitama in the Lobby